Neptune's origins trace to 1994 as a sculpture project by Boston artist/musician Jason Sanford, who forged the band's haphazard guitars and reluctant drums from scrap steel and found objects.  Seven lineups, twenty-three releases and hundreds of instruments later, the band continues to wrench its sound spatter on self-built instruments to often confounded audiences around the world.  In 2007, they released Gong Lake with avant arbiter Table of the Elements, home to art heroes Tony Conrad, Rhys Chatham and Faust. Neptune has shared the stage with a variety of influential artists such as The Ex, Mission of Burma, Ut, Oneida, Lightning Bolt, The Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, Melt-Banana, Charles Hayward, Liars, Black Dice, James Chance & the Contortions, Gang Gang Dance, The Dresden Dolls, Six Finger Satellite, and Wolf Eyes. Sanford and longtime Neptune collaborator Mark Pearson are currently joined by musicians/instrument inventors Kevin Micka and Farhad Ebrahimi, redefining their music and creating new sounds from scratch.  Propulsive percussion and sonorous electronics tangle with Sanford's microtonal string creations with a refined minimalism, adding a new chapter to the band's ever-evolving story.    


"...don’t equate Neptune’s devotion to instrument design with novelty. Ordinarily, I might wonder if compositional focus would be compromised with so much thought invested in the instruments themselves, but this music is created with a similarly sculptural or ritualistic attention to detail. In fact, msg rcvd exudes a unique kind of compositional integrity that is probably only possible when the musicians hands are creating both their medium and their message as an integrated whole.... this is by no means a noise album... Sounds one might associate with noise are used, but they’re deployed for very specific textural or rhythmic effects. Again, that sense of thoughtful patience permeates the work at every level: instrument design, sound design, compositional permutation, vocal approach, lyrical/thematic motifs. The result, at least for me, is a well-defined and very addictive record."
-Scott Scholz, Killed in Cars

“Gong Lake is an intimidating documentation of these instruments, as the release sees the band eliciting a calculated madness that recalls the raw ferocity of the Birthday Party, the unhinged experimental rock of This Heat, and the noisiest and nastiest
bits of recent Liars albums. The tension is palpable throughout Gong Lake, and this is perhaps the band's best quality: the ability to seize the listener and hold them captive while the songs jut out at the oddest angles, expose ugly underbellies, and translate a rusted junkyard into its aural equivalent.”
- Ryan Potts, Skyscraper

“Considering the band's output on the whole, the songs on Gong Lake are comparatively discrete, and the dynamic shifts especially pronounced...you wonder how what could have been a performance-art gimmick has sustained itself for 12 years without running out of inspiration or steam, and Gong Lake is a fine argument for them sticking around.”
- Jason Crock, Pitchfork

“Gong Lake is a total monster, and one of the best sounding records from their extensive discography...the album is equal parts Beach Boys and terrifying.”
- Daniel Lopatin, Weekly Dig

“ The results are slyly alien, invoking a creeping sense of the bizarre and unfamiliar that's effortlessly meshed with exceedingly familiar rock dynamics...obliterating the familiar structures of rock and punk with otherworldly timbres and tones that are wholly of their own design.”
- Michael Crumsho, XLR8R

“ Immediately drawn in by their energy, I sprinted through the trees and, living dangerously, flew up the steep fire-escape stairs and into the performance space. The energetic trio from Boston bounced around the stage with what appeared at first glance to be weapons but turned out to be electric guitars. One member played a homemade synthesizer assembled from scrap metal, pieces of wood, a power supply taken from a trashed computer, and a few square-wave oscillators. Another played an electric bass shaped like a scythe. Their music fit their name and appearance—other-worldly and slightly terrifying.”
- Sergei Tcherepnin, The Brookly Rail

“Amazingly, the band constructs their instruments out of circular saw blades, bike parts, gas tanks and miscellaneous scrap metal found in the trash. But make no mistake, Neptune isn't aping past metal bangers like Test Dept and E. Neubauten. At times the group rocks hard, creating disciplined almost danceable grooves, combining This Heat's ascetic experimentalism with Cop Shoot Cop's percussive wallop. Homemade electronics flesh out the sound, ricocheting off complex rhythms, adding texture and dynamics to Neptune's singular, highly musical approach.”
- Paul Lemos, The Big Takeover


  • Knife Fight EP, 7" (self released, 1996)
  • Swang!/Poodle Walk, 7" (Anti-Social Records, 1996)
  • Studio Recordings, May MCMXCVII, CD/LP (Archenemy Records, 1999)
  • Your Company/Productivity is a Science, 7" (Heliotrope Records, 2000)
  • Basement Recordings EP, CD (Mister Records, 2001)
  • The Ballet of Process, CD/LP (Mister/100% Breakfast Records, 2002)
  • At the Pink Pony/A Car Is A Weapon, 7" (Mister Records, 2002)
  • Intimate Lightning, CD/LP (Mister/100% Breakfast Records, 2004)
  • Green Cassette, C30 Cassette (Wrong Whole, 2005)
  • 3" CDR (Magnetism Crafts, 2005)
  • Mice and Worms, 12" LP (Magnetism Crafts/Self-Release, 2005)
  • White Cassette, C20 Cassette. (Magnetism Crafts, 2005)
  • 3" Collage, CDR (Magnetism Crafts / Self-Release, 2006)
  • Patterns, CD/LP (Self-Release (US)/Fortissimo (UK)/Les Potagers Natures (France), 2006)
  • Red Cassette, C30 Cassette (Magnetism Crafts, 2006)
  • 3" CDR (Hiddenbirdhouse, 2006)
  • Untitled Improvised LP (Golden lab records, 2007)
  • Split LP w/ One Second Riot, 12" (Distile Records, 2007)
  • Paris Green, CDR (Magnetism Crafts/Wrong Whole, 2007)
  • Gong Lake, CD/LP (Radium/Table of the Elements, February 2008)
  • Roman Business, C20 cassette (NO=FI, March 2009)
  • 18:40/19:19, LP (Magnetism Crafts/Wrong Whole, 2010)
  • Cave Drawings, 10" EP (Self-Release Records, Magnetism Crafts, 2011)
  • Silent Partner, CD/LP (Northern Spy Records, 2011)
  • MSG RCVD, CD/LP (Northern Spy Records, 2012)